Lab Members

The Hilary Ashe lab is part of the Faculty of Life Sciences, in the Michael Smith Building, University of Manchester, UK. Established in 2002, the lab currently consists of the following members:


Margherita Scarcia

After leaving sunny Italy where I completed a degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, I moved to Leeds where I started my PhD focusing on the role of the small GTPase RhoG in angiogenesis. 4 years later my interest for cell microenvironment and signalling cascades brought me to wet Manchester where I joined the Faculty of Life Sciences. With help from the sky and the sea I currently work on the role of Collagen IV and Integrins during development using Drosophila flies and Zebrafish.



Marco for website

Marco Pinheiro

After graduating from the University of Manchester with a degree in Genetics and spending a great placement year abroad in sunny, warm and costal Lisbon, I was hooked on all things gene regulation and transcription on the genomic scale. I stayed in Manchester and after three awesome rotations decided to enter the world of Drosophila and join the Ashe lab. Currently, I am working on understanding enhancer-promoter interactions in the early embryo. Additionally, I enjoy attempting to learn and perform some of the bioinformatic analysis involved in my project. In my free time, I enjoy reading, attempting fancy cooking and going for walks with my fiancée in some of the lovely National Trust properties and playing with our hamster, Ham.



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Scott Wilcockson

Following the completion of my undergraduate degree in Cell Biology at the University of Manchester, I decided to stay and do a Masters in Developmental Biology where I visited the Ashe lab. I have been held hostage ever since, forced to dissect Drosophila ovaries day in, day out, and see how germline stem cells work. Apparently, when I dissect 1,000,000 ovaries they’ll give me a PhD. When let free at the weekend, I enjoy long walks on the beach and gin.





Carol Hoppe
I worked as a research technician at the Max Planck Institute for Biology of Aging in Cologne for 18 months, before embarking on my undergraduate studies in Biochemistry and Cell Biology at the Jacobs University Bremen in Germany. I then moved to Manchester to start my PhD and after three great rotations decided to join the Ashe lab and enter the Drosophila universe. My current project focuses on the impact of transcriptional regulation and timing on amnioserosa cell fate in the early embryo. In my free time I play Ultimate Frisbee, go horseback riding and enjoy long walks.





Sophie Frampton
Following the completion of my undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences at the University of Oxford, I undertook a Master’s degree in Developmental Biology at the University of Manchester. During this time I completed a rotation project in the Ashe Lab and decided to stay for my PhD. I investigate BMP signal regulation during dorsal-ventral axis patterning of the early Drosophila embryo.






Lauren Forbes Beadle
I completed my science undergraduate degree and a Master of Science at the University of Melbourne in Australia. It was during my master’s degree that I was first introduced to the world of Drosophila research. I went on to work as a research assistant for a year and then completed my PhD at Monash University, Australia. During my PhD I investigated the Drosophila Peforin-like protein Torso-like and its role in development and immunity. Upon finishing my PhD I moved to Manchester and I now work on the dynamics of mRNA in Drosophila development as a part of the Ashe lab. In my spare time I like to go for walks with my whippet, explore the English countryside and seek out good coffee.




Cath Sutcliffe

Following my Undergraduate Biochemistry Degree in Leeds, I worked in industry for two years before coming to the University of Manchester to complete a Masters Research degree in Biological Science. Since then I have taken on the role of Research Technician in the Ashe lab which involves maintaining the fly stocks and assisting with various research projects.